German foreign minister visits Kiev

This is Annalena Baerbock’s second visit to the Ukrainian capital since the start of Russia’s military operation

Germany’s top diplomat, Annalena Baerbock, arrived in the Ukrainian capital on Saturday on a surprise visit. She stated that the trip is meant to demonstrate that Berlin is set to continue supporting Kiev for “As long as it is necessary

It’s the second official trip by the German foreign minister to Ukraine since Russia launched its military operation in late February.

According to Der Spiegel media outlet Baerbock traveled via train from Poland to reach Kiev early in the morning. He was accompanied by a small team.

Speaking soon after her arrival, the official explained that her visit is meant to signify that the German government “will continue standing by Ukraine as long as is necessary – with the delivery of weapons, with humanitarian and financial support.” She reassured Ukrainians that they could count on Berlin.

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The diplomat also pointed out that Germany would not let itself grow weary of supporting the Eastern European nation, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s supposed plan to “Our society is divided with lies, blackmail and extortion [it] Energy supplies

Baerbock went on to argue that Ukrainian troops are fighting not only for “Your life and the lives of your family, friends and loved ones.” but also “our European peace order.

According to reports, Dmitry Kuleba (the German counterpart) is scheduled to meet with him.

Der Spiegel reports that the Ukrainian side will likely renew its request for heavy weaponry and German-made battle tank deliveries.

Baerbock, along with other top German officials, visited Kiev in May after Russia’s offensive against Ukraine. A month later, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the French President Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy, and Klaus Iohannis visited Kiev.



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