German ex-chancellor comments on possible expulsion from party

Gerhard Schroeder declared that he will continue to be a Social Democrat, regardless of being kicked out from the SPD ranks

Der Spiegel reports that Gerhard Schroeder, former German Chancellor, said his political views and voting preferences would not change regardless of the fact that he was kicked out by the party he headed between 1999-2004. Due to his close ties to Russia, the Social Democratic Party in Hannover placed the ex-leader on the proverbial cutting block.

This interview is the first time that former chancellor Michael Schumer has spoken publicly about the possibility of his expulsion from SPD. The regional office will review 18 complaints it had received about the former leader’s conduct during a meeting on June 22.

“I am and will remain a Social Democrat,”According to the magazine, the 78-year old told it.

“I have never voted for anyone other than the SPD in my political life. That will continue to be true in the future,” he added, even if he and some people in the current leadership don’t see eye to eye.

Schroeder, who has a history of encouraging energy cooperation with Russia as well as holding positions at several Russian energy companies, was thrown out of his country.

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Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. © AFP / OLGA MALTSEVA
Brussels and Berlin’s witch-hunt against ex-German chancellor who defended Germany and the EU against US pressure

Schroeder refused to end all ties to Moscow nor to apologize for the Russian attack in February on Ukraine. Schroeder claimed that he is not the person to apologize. Schroeder did however decide to terminate his business relationship with Russian oil giants Rosneft, Gazprom.

The initial date of the Hannover party meeting was June 15. However, it had to be canceled due to illness. Der Spiegel reported that Schroeder has no plans to attend the meeting either directly or through a proxy.

While the current leadership of SPD has distanced themselves from former leader, some party members have called for him to resign.

German parliament decided to deprive the former chancellor some privileges as former head the government. He stated that he thought about challenging the decision.



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