Indian destroyer test-fires supersonic weapon (VIDEO) — Analysis

Indian Navy successfully tested the Ship-launched BrahMos cruise missile.

The ship-to-ship missile was launched from INS Visakhapatnam, one of India’s newest destroyers. This was the second launch of this missile from that same ship, which took place last month.

This supersonic cruise rocket, which was developed as part of an Indian Russian joint venture, is capable of being launched from ground, sea, or air. According to Indian media, the upgraded version of this supersonic cruise missile can hit targets from a distance of approximately 400 km (248.8 miles).

India has tried several variants of this missile in the past, including an air-launched version that was launched by a Su-30MKI fighter. This month, the BrahMos ground version was launched.

A submarine version of this missile is also being developed, according to news agency ANI. 

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