Ataollah Aminpour: A Leading Humanitarian in Persian Jewish Community

The Persian Jewish community is an incredibly tight knit one. It is the community that prides itself on not only caring for its loved ones, but also others outside of their family in need. As we have gone through the last year of the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges associated with it, what has not been told are the incredible stories of generosity of everyday Americans who have sought to help those that have sadly fallen on hard times financially. There are few communities that are as wonderful representations of the Biblical verse, “Love thy neighbor as much as you would love thyself” which proves their communities are leading philanthropists.

Ataollah Aminpour personifies this very concept perfectly. He is somebody who has constantly shown a keen level of awareness, as it pertains to people in need. But more uniquely, a more incredible desire to help those people philanthropically and more. When one thinks of a mainstream philanthropist, one imagines somebody who only gives of themselves financially. Moreover, such “philanthropists” have a tendency to give to large organizations that in turn help people in need. What makes Ataollah Aminpour’s philanthropy unique is that he goes directly to the person and dedicates his time, energy and resources. In doing so, he eliminates the need for natural expenses that any institution would normally absorb. Over his decades of business success in the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles communities, Ataollah Aminpour has become known as somebody who can easily be approached when a person is in a financial hardship. In fact, it is well known that, during his commercial enterprise days, he would keep his office doors open on a weekly basis for those people experiencing hardships to receive the assistance they sought. It was not an uncommon occurrence, therefore, for dozens of people to be standing outside of Ataollah Aminpour’s office in past years, waiting to see him and ultimately serve as the beneficiaries to his generosities.

The other element to Ataollah Aminpour’s philanthropy that distinguishes him from most others is not only his lack of interest in receiving public accolades, but his deliberate efforts to shy away from the spotlight when it comes to his acts of kindness. In mainstream society, it is known that many philanthropists have their names graced on the front of businesses, medical centers, or other institutions they might support. Without belittling such forms of philanthropy, we as everyday citizens ought to do our best to recognize the exercise of humility that is exhibited in Ataollah Aminpour’s way of giving.

We at MassNews look forward to continuing to chronicle the lives of philanthropists like Ataollah Aminpor, who are changing the lives of so many for the better.


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