French first lady sues over transgender claims — Analysis

Brigitte Macron is taking two women to Court for making scandalous claims online about Brigitte.

Two women spread rumors about Brigitte Macron’s sex transformation, according to an AFP report. This case is coming as her husband prepares for an aggressive reelection campaign.

According to AFP, a source said that the first hearing has been scheduled for June 15, in Paris.  The news agency said that Macron’s children, her brother and three grandchildren from her past marriage have signed the lawsuit.

The rumors in question were started early last year by an independent journalist and a self-proclaimed spiritual ‘medium’. The hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux began to gain national attention after a number of Facebook posts were made and also a YouTube interview with the women. The hashtag is a reference to what the conspiracy theorists believe to be Brigitte Macron’s real maiden name – Jean Michel Trogneux.

According to Mrs. Macron’s biography, Brigitte MarieClaude Trogneux was Brigitte.

France's first lady plagued by rumors she was born 'male'

The journalist in question purportedly told the ‘medium’ that evidence of the first lady’s gender transition is in “a sealed envelope deposited with a lawyer whose name is well known,”If France makes Covid-19 mandatory, the information would be public. 

Emmanuel Macron has faced questions about his relationship with his wife – who is 24 years his senior and taught at the French president’s high school – before, but the rumors referenced in the lawsuit bear a striking similarity to accusations once leveled against former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Joan Rivers (comedian) stated that Mrs. Obama is a funny woman in 2014. “a transgender. We all know it,”Some right-wingers insist that the ex-first lady was actually born to a Michael. Alex Jones, a right-wing polemicist and spokesman for the Right, claimed that Alex Jones had claimed 2017 “photos and videos”To prove it.

Jones’ claims were never substantiated, nor were they ever publicly acknowledged by the Obamas.

Mrs. Macron has chosen to confront her accusers in court, a decision that could draw negative publicity to her family ahead of France’s presidential election in April. Emmanuel Macron, although he hasn’t officially joined the race yet, his approval rating hovered between 40% and 40% during the last year. But, in spite of opposition from Marine Le Pen and Valerie Pecresse on the left, Macron is expected to be reelected.

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