Merkel warns against isolating Poland, calls on EU nations to find a compromise to prevent unwanted Polexit — RT World News

The outgoing German chancellor has called on EU leaders to come to a compromise with Poland’s right-wing government after Warsaw was widely condemned for questioning the supremacy of European law.

Speaking at a summit of EU leaders in Strasbourg on Thursday, Germany’s soon-to-be former Chancellor, Angela Merkel, championed unity and compromise as other European leaders demanded Poland be punished for its moves to prioritize national law over that of the EU.

He warned people that prolonged political and legal disputes would be detrimental to anyone trying to escape the effects of the pandemic.

Merkel cautioned against isolating Poland, despite many being frustrated by failed efforts to persuade Warsaw to alter its stance.

“We must find ways and possibilities to come together again on this, because a cascade of legal disputes before the European Court of Justice is not a solution,” Merkel said.

Although it is true that “the rule of law is at the core of the European Union,”According to her, a Polexit wouldn’t be good for either Germany or the EU. “Germany does not want to have a Polexit. Poland’s place is in the middle of Europe,”Merkel claimed, according to senior diplomat sources that isolating Warsaw wouldn’t solve the problem.

Merkel’s call for compromise was not universally heeded. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo stated that if Poland wanted the benefits of being in the EU “club” then they needed to respect the club rules. also available
‘Not in treaty’: Hungary’s Orban sides with Poland, rejects EU law primacy ahead of bloc’s summit

Mark Rutte the Dutch Prime Minister stated it was hard to envision how EU funding could continue being channeled towards Poland. “We have to be tough,”He added.

France demanded the same, as President Emmanuel Macron from France urging Poland for a solution that is in accordance with EU principles.

Also on Thursday, David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament, said the lawmakers’ chamber would “Sue” the commission president if she failed to uphold their demands to withhold EU funds from Poland.For now, the European Commission has barred Poland from tapping the 36 billion euros of grants and loans destined for Warsaw to help its economy recover from the pandemic. 

Poland’s nationalist Law and Justice party have frequently been at loggerheads with the EU, notably on the rule of law as well as LGBTQ rights. Earlier this month, a Warsaw court ruled that areas of the EU treaties are incompatible with Poland’s laws and that national laws should take precedence, backing a move by its Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the challenge to EU law’s supremacy must be punished. 

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