France spending millions to stop teen prostitution — Analysis

The French government has kicked off a €14 million national campaign to tackle underage prostitution and pimping. The move comes after months of a report that found 10,000 teens were engaged in the sex trading, mainly teenage girls.

On Monday, the Ministry for Solidarity and Health launched the campaign. It is scheduled to be completed in 2022. According to the ministry, this problem is a “problem of population growth.” “growing phenomenon that society can no longer ignore”What are your thoughts? “too little is known.”

Expect the government to launch a programme. “increase awareness”Assisting others. “inform and provide a better understanding of the phenomenon.”This also has the goal of helping “identify the young people involved”And “prosecute clients and pimps more effectively.”

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RFI reports that underage prostitutes have increased in number by 70% over five years. The problem is being exacerbated by social media. Public broadcaster RFI noted that this situation was worsened by the Covid-19 epidemic, when more people were spending their time online.

Unconfirming data was found by a group of young women who were part in prostitution throughout the country. The report, which came out of July’s working group, showed that between 7,000-10,000 youth had been involved. The majority of these young girls are between 15- and 17 years old. However, a ministry statement said that they were mostly teenage girls. “entry point”Around 14-15 year olds were increasingly entering prostitution.

“There’s really a normalisation of prostitution of young people because girls say that selling sex is a way of making lots of money easily and that it can help them reach their dream life,”Raphaelle Wach, deputy public procuror, spoke to France 24.

According to the ministry, many minors do not view themselves as victims. They value the freedom and dignity of others. “financial autonomy”The feelings and emotions of “belonging to a group”And “regaining control”Over their entire lives.

“These minors are however in danger, both physically and psychologically,”The ministry issued a warning.

“Covid played a considerable role because social networking provided new ways of being able to hook in underage girls very easily,” Geneviève Collas, who runs an NGO fighting human trafficking, told RFI. RFI was informed that she had also told the story of how minors have been recruited. “easier”Short-term rental apartments like Airbnb can help to mask the severity of the problems on the streets.

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