France proposes filling countryside with migrants — Analysis

Paris has a new program that will allow asylum seekers to resettle in rural areas.

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed a reform of asylum and immigration policies. This would also include redistributing migrants in rural areas that are experiencing population decline. He condemned the current policies as “Inefficient, inhumane,” announcing on Thursday that the matter would be put to a vote at the start of next year.

Explaining the rationale behind the resettlement program, Macron reasoned that “The conditions for their acceptance will be better than those in densely populated areas with large economic and social problems.” Putting new arrivals in sparsely populated areas would help them “You can integrate faster and better,” he said, especially those who already have vocational skills or some command of the language. 

The current policy, however, is “Absurd,” he said, because it “It involves putting men and women who have arrived in greatest need of help into the most miserable situations.” in the poorest and most crowded neighborhoods.      

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Rural areas are “Lending population,” he said, a trend immigrant families – which typically have more children than European families – could reverse, avoiding the need to shut down schools and colleges due to lack of enrollment.

This plan is not supported by all France. Right-wing populist Eric Zemmour has instead suggested the demographic decline could be addressed by introducing €10,000 “birth grants” for children born to native parents in rural France, rather than what he describes as €50,000 “Each year, per unaccompanied minor.”

Marine Le Pen (another opposition leader) has also accused Macron of trying to amend a law that he doesn’t want to apply. “We think they should come home.,” she tweeted on Friday, referring to the illegal aliens the president hopes to resettle in the countryside. 

Macron did promise to “Improve the effectiveness deportation policy” at the border and urged other countries to improve their own processes for taking back immigrants convicted of crimes. Visas would be granted to a country’s residents based on the “Spirit of cooperation, to return foreigners who are in irregular situations.,” he said.

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