Four Ways You Can Listen to Music and Podcasts for Free

Looking for ways to listen to your favorite music or podcast episodes for free? You are in the right place.

Not all apps and websites offer free music downloads or podcasts. Unfortunately, some ways to get music are not even legal.

But there are multiple free and legal options you can try out. And it’s simple. You’re good to go with your smartphone and access to the internet.

1. YouTube Music

Youtube music replaced Google Play Music after it shut down in 2020. While many people were worried about the move, youtube Music has proven to be a better and refined upgrade. You can listen to metal music, country, disco, oldies, rock, rap and just about any genre.

It stands out because of the tailored interface for the service-oriented and its deep integrations with Google profiles and Youtube.

This translates to better music recommendations as it takes your previous music searches on Google and recommends what you’d like to hear.

The service comes in a paid subscription (with over 20M subscribers) and a free version. The premium subscription currently goes for $9.99/month. The free version is equally resourceful though you’ll have to get used to the bombarding ads. 

2. Google Podcasts

Similar to YouTube Music, Google podcast is the replacement of Google Play music for podcast listeners.

The app is shockingly good and way better than its predecessor. Most users love it because of the easy interface and intelligent mobile features. The “explore tab” allows you to search for new shows with the latest episodes on the right side of the screen.

The app allows you to subscribe to your favorite podcasts and even download to listen when offline. 

Lastly, the service doesn’t restrict you to one platform as you can share your favorite episodes to different devices using Google’s cast features.

3. On a Website

This is the simplest method to listen to any podcast or music. You don’t need to install an app on your phone. You can do this from your phone or laptop with the help of a browser like Google Chrome.

Just visit a website with a podcast or music. Connect your phone to the internet and adjust the volume. 

Click the play icon and listen to your podcast or music. Check out these V1 Church podcasts from iheart website to see how it works.

4. Spotify

Spotify is popularly known as a music service. But it’s not. In 2015, they added a new podcast functionality to accommodate users who preferred to exchange podcast episodes and songs on the same platform.

While it comes with a premium version, the free version has basic features which are dependable. 

With the free version, you can access up to 50 million songs, your favorite podcast, and audiobooks and travel abroad with your music for up to 14 days.

5. Bottom Line

We can all agree that there’s so much information and entertainment joints today at your disposal.

You simply need to find the right one that costs the cheapest or are completely free but meets your priorities. With that said, try out my recommendations above to see how it turns out.

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Pamela is a television journalist, humor writer and novelist. Her first novel, Allegedly, was released in 2015 by St. Martin’s Press. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She and her husband, Daniel, have a 3-year-old son, Carter.

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