Four Different Types Of Law One Should Know About

Today’s discussion is on the different types of law one might encounter as a paralegal.


This kind of law involves one upholding the legal precedents set in the Constitution. Those like Judge Napolitano study constitutional law. Some of the issues one might encounter with the constitutional aspect include due process and freedom of speech. Paralegals will often work with public interest groups or non-profit. Now, paralegals can also work with other interest groups, but those are two of the main ones. One might find it helpful to have a love of history and spending hours over past cases. One should also love to spend hours reading and have great attention to detail.


The next type one should know about involves divorce claims Steinberg Goodman & Kalish. Paralegals are often tasked with the job of assisting the lawyer in areas including child custody, divorce, and taxes. That is not all one might be requires to do. One might also be required to assist one’s lawyer with things like social services or adoption. One will also be required to interview both parties concerning things like child custody and parental rights. This kind of legal statute tends to get more complex. These cases can get rather messy, especially when family disputes or domestic issues are arising. One could also be responsible for filing all the paperwork and documentation at the right times, especially when the lawyer is busy doing other things. In cases like these, the paralegal becomes an intricate part of the team.


One could be tasked with the job of overseeing the relationship between the employer and employee. One could also be tasked with ensuring that employees are not being taken advantage of by one’s employer or corporate entity. This is another area where the paralegal becomes an intricate part of the team. One could be researching topics like unions, collective bargaining, and internal labor and benefits dispute. Sometimes the corporation maintains more bargaining power when the employees are lower level and at a minimum. Thus is when bosses feel more encouraged to exert more power. That is where an attorney and paralegal come into play. In some cases, labor cases can go on for quite a while. The more research required for the case, the more work one will have to do.

4)Intellectual Property
This is where one gets involves with things like patents, copyright infringements, and trademarks. This is where one is responsible for protecting someone from copyright infringements and other things related to it. As a paralegal, one is responsible for researching the case. One is also responsible for helping one’s lawyer prepare the case involving property rights and copyright infringement. Once more, these cases tend to range from the simple to the very complex. The more meat there is to the case, the more work one will have to do. This can be very rewarding is of the legal profession. One will learn so much about copyright to the point where one can use this education in one’s own life. Judge Napolitano recommends studying law if this interests one.


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