Flights stopped after runway melted – media

The UK’s Royal Air Force had to divert flights from an air base due to extreme temperatures, the Ministry of Defence has said

The UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) suspend flights at some of its bases and rerouted aircraft due to extremely hot weather, the Ministry of Defence said on Monday.

During this period of extreme temperature, flight safety remains the RAF’s top priority, so aircraft are using alternative airfields in line with a long-established plan. This does not affect RAF operations.“The ministry tweeted the following, in reference to the flights from Brize Norton Airbase in Oxfordshire South East England.

Sky News reported that flight operations to and from the base were canceled because of “the weather.”Runway has melted“In the scorching heat.

According to the outlet, another UK airfield had already experienced similar issues earlier this month, with the Cranwell airbase suspending flights after the situation at the flight line — the area where aircraft are serviced — became too dangerous. “Cranwell is now closed because the aircraft line that was used to fly at Cranwell had melted under the heat.,” a Sky News source confirmed.

An RAF spokesperson said that the main aircraft service area at the base was not available for routine use as “As a precautionary measure.” “Training by flying is unaffected and can be continued using other service areas“” the representative stated at the moment.

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A woman sunbathes near the River Thames in London, Britain, June 17, 2022 © AP / Kirsty Wigglesworth
UK declares first heat emergency

As record-breaking temperatures are predicted to reach 40C, the RAF rerouted planes. In response to the heatwave, the UK’s Met Office raised its Heat Health Alert level to red on Friday, saying that this development constitutes a national emergency.

London Luton Airport stated Monday that flights had been suspended after it detected a defect in the runway surface following extreme temperatures.

The Met Office recommended that people close all windows in sun-facing rooms, drink lots of fluids and keep their eyes open for older relatives and children.



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