Fifth Victim Found in Train Wreckage in Germany

FRANKFURT, Germany — Police said Saturday the body of a fifth victim has been been found beneath a train that derailed Friday in the Alps in southern Germany.

The man’s body was uncovered after initial attempts to lift the derailed carriages failed. Recovery workers had to wait for a heavy crane to be brought to the site near the resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Investigating the causes of the delay is ongoing.

There were 140 passengers on board the train, which included students returning to school after the Whitsun holiday. According to police in the south Bavaria, 44 were hurt.

After leaving Burgrain, where the train had started off, the regional train bound for Munich was pulled off the tracks. At least three double-decker carriages were partially torn off and residents were able to get out safely through the windows.


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