Chinese media boss mocks Washington Post’s ‘jealousy’ over Beijing’s strict Covid-control practices — RT World News

The editor-in-chief of The Global Times, a Chinese state-run publication, has taunted the US and The Washington Post after the American paper highlighted China’s small Covid-19 outbreak and criticized its strict countermeasures.

Hu Xijin of The Global Times, chief of The Global Times, posted a tweet accusing The Washington Post and the US, in general, of being jealous about Beijing’s willingness to adopt uncompromising measures against Covid-19. 

“Sour grapes. The US, the long time occupier of world’s No.1 position of COVID-19 cases and death toll, can only comment on China’s strict practices with jealousy,”Hu wrote. 

Hu shared his comments along with his Twitter trolling. He also shared a Post story bemoaning the situation “public shaming, marooned travelers and a nationwide dragnet”This coincides with the emergence of 300 coronavirus-related cases in China. 

The piece highlights China’s recent outbreak and the extent Chinese authorities are willing to go to in order to eradicate the virus. 

The article, which had been shared on Twitter by the paper, notes how the current outbreak of 300 cases in the country of 1.3 billion people, would be “Untrouble” to most governments, but China is taking it very seriously. 

Christian Shepherd highlights the unexpected consequences of Chinese lockdowns. He points out that around 10,000 tourists were left stranded at Ejin in Ejin. Authorities are also tracing a line of infection.  

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Shepherd also points out examples of interventionism, which some in the West may find strange. This includes the action taken by authorities to stop high-speed trains going to Beijing due to the presence of one passenger suspected to have been the contact of a confirmed disease. All 350 passengers on the train were placed in quarantine despite no positive tests. 

The story also contends that some of China’s measures are “Theater” rather than effective, noting the use of drones to spray disinfectant. Shepherd points out that authorities release promo videos to highlight their heroism. 

Although the US has more than 45,000,000 Covid-19 case registrations, China officially has less than 100,000. 

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