FBI conducted mass raids against Trump supporters – ex-presidential adviser — Analysis

Steve Bannon says the searches that targeted 35 persons were done the same day as he was accused of fraud

According to Steve Bannon (an adviser to Trump), the FBI carried out raids on dozens Trump supporters.

Speaking on the conservative Charlie Kirk Show on Friday, Bannon said: “There were 35 FBI raids in yesterday” targeting “MAGA senior members, Republican supporters for Donald Trump.” He said there was no real need for the searches, as “These people are represented by lawyers.” adding that the “jackbooted Gestapo” intentionally made a “It is displayed in large quantities.

The Washington establishment, according to Trump’s former adviser, are hell-bent on silencing any dissenting voices, and is resorting to “lawfare, financial terrorism, law—you know, everything legally — and quite frankly, up to assassinations.

The prominent conservative figure concluded that “This is about intimidation.” with the Biden administration knowing that “They’re losing.

He vowed not to cave in, saying: “They are a joke. I spit right in their eye, I can’t care less.

Former Trump adviser arrested over border wall fraud scheme

When the host asked Bannon to confirm there had indeed been 35 FBI raids, adding that he had not seen this reported in any media outlet, the former Trump adviser replied: “I’m breaking that news right here.

Newsweek magazine said it has asked the FBI to comment on Bannon’s allegations, but has received no response.

A day before Trump’s arrest, the former adviser to Trump made these claims. He was also facing multiple criminal charges in connection to the crowdfunding fraud scheme. In which he allegedly conned donors of funds meant for building a wall at the Mexican border.

Bannon was arrested on Thursday morning and pleaded not guilty. He was released later that day without bail.



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