UK PM hopeful ‘ready’ to use nukes — Analysis

Liz Truss indicated that she was ready to unleash nuclear war during Conservative leadership elections

Liz Truss feels “ready” to launch Trident nuclear weapons, the frontrunner for Conservative leadership declared at Tuesday’s hustings in Birmingham, confirming that making such a decision was an “important duty of the prime minister.” 

The foreign secretary did not elaborate on which country the UK might be persuaded to use nuclear weapons against. Along the campaign trail she has used plenty of hawkish rhetoric, mostly targeting Russia and is a strong supporter for the Ukrainian cause.

Truss promised to double military spending up to 3% of GDP before the end of this decade.

Both candidates have blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the dismal state of the British economy, plagued by high inflation, high gas prices and an increasingly unaffordable cost of living, widely seen as resulting from unilateral restrictions imposed by London and its allies.

Sunak and Truss also have reservations about Putin’s attendance at the G20 Summit in Indonesia. Sunak, however, wants him to be barred completely. Truss stated that she prefers to confront Putin at the summit.

Politico reports that Truss has 26 points lead over Rishi Sunak who was once the Chancellor of Exchequer. Boris Johnson, the British prime-minister, will be succeeded by whomever wins.

While Sunak was among the first to quit his post in Johnson’s cabinet, Truss was among the handful of high-ranking officials who refused to do so despite the mounting scandals, citing loyalty as her reason.

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