Europe has run out of energy – Orban — Analysis

The Hungarian prime minister says his country will not experience any fuel shortages, despite Europe’s energy crisis

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has blamed Europe’s energy shortfall on bureaucrats and environmentalists, saying his own country is protected from the crisis.

“If we want to dig to the bottom of the problems, we always end up in the same place: the issue of energy. And the situation is that Europe has run out of energy,”Orban shared his thoughts in a Facebook posting on Saturday.

Premier blamed the circumstances on “fundamentalist greens and the bureaucrats”Play “geopolitical games,”Argument that Europe refuses to use “different energy sources”Please see the following: “political reasons,”Driving up living costs and causing damage to European industry.

“There are few continents in such a difficult situation as ours, but only our continent is making its own life so much harder,”Orban declared, “pledging not to do anything.” “needed by the homeland.”

Energy will never be a problem. This statement is not an assumption, it is fact. Hungary will have enough gas and electricity. 

EU fails to agree Russian gas price cap – Hungary

The deal was made by Gazprom, the Russian energy company. It will provide additional natural gas supply through Serbia. Hungary is one of the few EU member states to comply with the Moscow’s ruble payment requirement for gas deliveries.

Budapest also plans to decrease its energy use. The government imposed an 18 degree Celsius temperature limit in all institutions throughout the country earlier this week. Authorities have mandated that state institutions use less gas than hospitals or social housing.

Hungary repeatedly criticised EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine’s conflict. Budapest claims that restrictions against Russia have not produced the desired result. They also disrupted the flow of natural gas within the bloc, causing energy prices to soar.

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