EU should end sanctions on Russia – Hungarian PM’s aide — Analysis

The adviser stated that any further actions against Moscow will only harm the bloc.

According to Viktor Orban, a top aide to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, any further sanctions against Moscow will only harm the EU’s economy and not significantly affect Russia. This was stated by Reuters on Thursday.

Balazs Orban stated that Brussels must stop imposing new restrictions on Moscow and instead focus on other ways to achieve peace in Ukraine.

The official, who is not related to Hungary’s prime minister, was speaking on the sidelines of the EU summit that granted Ukraine candidate status. He argued that the restrictions already imposed on Russia by the bloc had failed to change Moscow’s course on Ukraine or stop its ongoing military operation. During this time, fuel and food prices have risen in the EU.

Hungary's Orban issues grim warning about European economy

“At the end of the day, Europe will be on the losing side of this war because of the economic problems. Our recommendation would be that we should stop the sanction process,”Orban claimed. “Right now, what we experience is that the more sanctions we accept, the worse shape we are in. What about the Russians? It hurts them too, but they survived. And what is even worse, they proceed in Ukraine,”He concluded.

The EU strategy has been unsuccessful for the last four months, as the EU aid argued. “if it continues like this, according to reasonable thinking, it will end up in a bad way for Europe.”He suggested that the bloc needs to rethink its strategic approach and instead focus on diplomatic methods. “We have to think about something. Negotiations, ceasefire, peace. Diplomacy. That’s our solution.”

Hungary is heavily dependent upon Russian energy, and it has one of most close relationships with Moscow among the EU members states. This country has warned repeatedly about the potential grim consequences of anti Russian sanctions.

Soros to blame for Ukraine conflict – Hungary

Viktor Orban stated that any gas embargo could be implemented on June 10. “will ruin the whole European economy.”Due to Russia’s involvement in the military conflict in Ukraine, the EU has placed severe sanctions on Russia. Numerous rounds of sanctions targeted Russia’s banking and financial sectors. They included a suspension on Russian central bank reserves and personal restrictions on Russian officials. Russian banks were also removed from the SWIFT messaging network.

In May, the EU also agreed on a partial embargo on Russian oil – the measure Hungary had opposed for weeks. Budapest received a waiver.

Hungary’s stance has been more balanced on the Russian conflict and Ukraine. It has, however, urged for negotiation and not force. Orban stated that he was shocked at the lack of sanctions in June. “voices for peace”Within the bloc war is not a benefit to anyone.

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