Biden reveals details of $1bn Ukraine aid package — Analysis

US President Joe Biden today announced $800 Million in additional taxpayer-funded assistance for Ukraine. It is this addition to $200 million that was promised Saturday. 

On Wednesday, the US promised a host of lethal weapons to its ally, including 9,000 antimor systems and 7,000 small arms. 800 antiaircraft missiles were also included. 20 Million rounds of ammo, armored bodies, and drones are some other items. Biden made the announcement hours after Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, had sent an emotional plea for US military assistance via video link.

The package represents “Transfers of equipment directly from the Department of Defense to Ukrainian forces to aid them in fighting this invasion,” the president declared, adding that the US would also be helping Kiev acquire “Additional anti-aircraft systems with longer ranges are also available.

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However, Biden did not indicate any changes to the US’ position on sending Polish MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine or imposing a no-fly zone over western Ukraine. Zelensky’s repeated calls for the US to establish a no fly zone above his country have been repeatedly rejected by NATO allies and the US. This could result in a confrontation with Russia.

Biden insisted that the hefty aid package would not be the last, saying it’s “About freedom” and “The right to [Ukrainian]Individuals can determine their future.”

Biden praised Zelensky in the wake of the speech given before Congress on Wednesday morning, in which he repeatedly asked for a no-fly zone and called on the US president to be the “The world’s leader” 

The American leader called Zelensky’s performance “convincing,” vowing that Ukraine would “There is no victory in life. [Russian President Vladimir]No matter how many advances Putin makes on the battlefield, Putin will always be Putin.”

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Having conceded earlier that Ukraine would not be a part of NATO, Zelensky on Wednesday called for a “New alliance” of nations that included “Responsible countries.”

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