EU country warns citizens of ten ‘difficult winters’ ahead — Analysis

Belgian PM argued that hardships are worth it as the bloc will “leap 20 years forward” by breaking away from fossil fuels

Belgium faces up to 10 “difficult winters” but is about to leap “For 20 Years” by getting rid of its dependency on fossil fuels, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on Sunday. His comments were made on the impending energy crisis that was exacerbated in part by Russian sanctions and decreased natural gas supply.

Speaking to VRT TV, De Croo claimed that the conflict in Ukraine had affected the European economy much more than the Covid pandemic “Could have ever had.” However, he said that the hardships are worth it, because “this is about the stability and security of the European continent.”

“When we get it under control, it will be five difficult years, it will be ten difficult years with bad policy, but I also said that we as a country and European continent can handle this if we get all noses in the same direction,” De Croo pointed out.

Risk of civil unrest rising globally – study

His argument was that there is a positive side to the current circumstances.

We can also jump 20 years forward, in terms of detaching from fossil fuels and breaking away from countries that we don’t like to trade with…,” the prime minister noted.

A plan was published by the Belgian government last week to reduce rising energy costs. The plan included measures that would reduce energy consumption. These include lowering temperatures in government buildings to 19°C, keeping air conditioners to an absolute minimum of 27°C, and switching off light at federal monuments and properties between 7pm-6am. The paper stated that the country has a total of 58,060 energy consumption. “should be able to get through the winter without any major problems”It might be even able to assist its neighbours.

According to Statbel statistics, the inflation rate in Belgium rose to 9.94% in August. This is just below the record 9.96% set by the Statbel agency.

A study done by Verisk Maplecroft (consultant group) shows that civil unrest across Europe is on the rise, in large part because of fallout from Ukraine’s conflict.

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