Epstein ‘madam’ put on suicide watch — Analysis

Ghislaine Maxwell was placed in isolation confinement. She may try to postpone her sentence.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted sex offender, has been placed under suicide watch at Brooklyn’s jail while she waits for her sentencing. She was charged with activities that were related to Jeffrey Epstein (now deceased pedophile financier). Her lawyers complained in a letter on Friday that she had been removed from the general population “Without any justification” and warned her sentencing may have to be postponed.

Yesterday the Admin without any psychological assessment and with no justification made it clear that they had not done one. [Manhattan Detention Center]Suicide watch placed on Ms. Maxwell,” the disgraced socialite’s lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, said in the letter addressed to Judge Alison Nathan, adding that “She isn’t suicidal.” A psychologist had evaluated Maxwell on Saturday and come to the same conclusions, Sternheim claimed. 

Judge rules on Ghislaine Maxwell retrial

We will formalize moving for adjournment on Monday if Ms. Maxwell continues to be on suicide watch. She is not allowed to review legal documents prior to sentencing and becomes sleep-deprived.,” the lawyer threatened, pointing out that she is “Not allowed to have and read legal documents. It’s not permissible paper or pen.” while on watch.

According to her lawyers, Maxwell was carried off to solitary confinement with nothing but the “suicide smock” prisoners intending to harm themselves are provided and a “A few sheets each of the toilet paper” – no “Clothing, toothpaste, soap and legal papers.”

Maxwell will be appearing in her first sentencing hearing Tuesday, regarding charges that she helped Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse young girls. Prosecutors are aiming for a sentence of 30 to 55 years, which could amount to life for the 60-year-old, who has been described in the media as the wealthy pedophile’s ‘madam’. Five of six of her charges were brought against her. They all concern the grooming and selling of girls to sex by Epstein.

Epstein was murdered – Chelsea Manning

The notorious procurer could have other unusual motives for wanting to stop suicide watch. Epstein was in New York City’s detention center when Epstein succumbed in question. He was currently awaiting his trial in August 2019 on charges of sextrafficking. After being discovered unconscious and with marks around his neck in his cell, he was placed under suicide watch. However, prison authorities took him off of the watch twelve days prior to his alleged hanging.

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