State Department explains ‘usefulness’ of US biolabs abroad

Washington and all its associates say that laboratories are not related to weapons.

According to the US, weapons were not developed in Ukraine’s biological laboratories or other countries that are partners with Ukraine.

After Russia had accused Washington of having a secret program to develop biological weapons overseas, the joint statement of the US State Department with the governments of nine nations, which includes Ukraine, was made public months later.

“Our governments have partnered openly and transparently through the Biological Threat Reduction Program, which is a part of the US Department of Defense Cooperative Threat Reduction Program,”The statement was read.

“These partnerships are devoted exclusively to peaceful purposes; they have nothing to do with weapons.”

Other than the US and Ukraine the statements were released by Armenia and Georgia as well as Uganda, Jordan, Sierra Leone and Uganda. 

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Covid-19 may have originated in US biolab – Lancet chair

These countries also agreed that the programme’s purpose is to “protect the health of humans and animals in our countries, including in the prevention, detection, and control of infectious disease outbreaks.” 

According to them, the Covid-19 epidemic has highlighted the importance of monitoring and responding to infectious diseases. 

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, documents found in Ukraine by the Ministry of Defense showed that the US had partnered with Ukraine in researching dangerous pathogens like plague and anthrax. Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed in April that Russia provides evidence of the use of these labs to create. “components of biological weapons.” 

Vladimir Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, denied Kiev had ever developed weapons of mass destruction. He said that only laboratories in Ukraine were conducting research. “ordinary”Research in science. 




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