Enjoying Motorcycling with Your Kids

One of the greatest joys in life is passing on our knowledge and interests to the next generation. A family that shares a hobby has so many opportunities to develop lifelong bonds through shared experiences. These days it is very hard to get our kids away from their devices, but motorcyclists have an advantage. Bikes are still cool, and kids like to ride. Of course, if you are talking about hitting the highway, the government is going to make you wait until they are 16. So, in the beginning you will have to stay off-road. But there is no better place to develop rider skills than in a variable terrain.

  • Good Equipment: When you teach a child how to ride, it is a good opportunity to start them off with good habits. This is your opportunity to instill in them a respect for safety and an appreciation of good quality safety equipment. Make sure you buy them good gear, insist that they wear it, and make sure they see that you are wearing it too. You can shop for motorbike gear at Wheels Motorcycles, where you can view a top range of accessories, all at affordable prices.
  • Get the Right Bike: Depending on the age and size of the child, you should avoid getting a bike that is too large or powerful. Most commonly, kids get their start on a 50cc dirt bike. It is a good size because of the limited speed and power. Even if it is clearly too small for your child, they can probably still ride it for a while, until they get the basics of shifting, accelerating, and braking. Maybe you can borrow a motorcycle until you can assess their ability level. It will beat watching them glued to a screen all day.
  • Where to Start:  The best place to begin is a wide-open area with no traffic, and a flat surface. At first you just want to get them comfortable with acceleration and making simple turns, set out an easy course and have them do some circuits. You will soon see the fear replaced with excitement. Give them plenty of time, and then change things up and add more difficult elements. Get them to go over some bumps and have them try to stay on a trail.
  • Go on a tour: Once they are competent with their machines it is time to start venturing out as a group. This is where you will begin to reap the rewards of the shared experience. Find motorcycle friendly areas and make a weekend out of it. Make sure you know the regulations
  • Competition: If you think they are showing promise, and they seem to enjoy the sport, you could consider having them join a dirt bike club and eventually enter some competitions. You never know, it could be the beginning of a career.

Eventually your kids will be able to get a road license and they can join you on some epic cross-country adventures. If you start them out young, by the time they are on the road they will have excellent skills and an appreciation of safety too.



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