Drug scandal shakes elite Norwegian unit — Analysis

The chief of the trooper force revealed that many troops were dismissed for cocaine and ecstasy abuse.

Thirty members of Norway’s royal guard unit have been dismissed after using illegal drugs while on leave, royal guard commanding officer Trond Robert Forbregd told Norwegian broadcaster NRK on Wednesday.

Forbregd stated that the military had been tipped about illegal drug consumption at private parties during the summer.

“I have no confidence in the 30 who admit to using illegal drugs,”He stated.

Initially, only five of the conscripts confessed that they took drugs. But, later, 25 other soldiers admitted using cocaine, ecstasy or marijuana.

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All 30 of those dismissed were members of His Majesty the King’s Guard army unit, which is tasked with protecting Norway’s royal family.

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Brage Steinson Wiik Hansen, a spokesperson for the Army, stated to NRK there was no evidence that people in other parts of the Army had consumed illegal drugs.

Norway’s armed forces have a strict zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use, which can result in service members being expelled for infractions.

The country’s parliament passed liberal drug laws last year that, while stopping short of full decriminalization, implement so-called “Good Samaritan”Rules for the possession of small quantities

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