Drone evades Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor – reports — Analysis

After an unknown drone apparently evaded Iron Dome, Israeli fighter planes had to be scrambled

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF), in series of tweets, stated that a radio-controlled, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), crossed into Israel via Lebanon. After the incident, sirens were sound and air defense systems in northern Israel were activated. 

Iron Dome “interceptor”Missiles were fired “according to protocol,”According to the IDF, radar contact had been lost with the aircraft. “after a few minutes.” Israeli media reported that the UAV evaded the country’s air defenses. 

According to the IDF, fighter jets were also used for patrolling the area. It is not clear what will happen to the drone, as the military has stated that the matter is currently under investigation. “under investigation.”

Haaretz newspaper received a report from residents of North Galilee that they heard an explosion. “may have been the Iron Dome interceptors.”

Israel fires missiles at Syria – reports

No immediate reports were received of injuries or casualties, and the IDF stated “civilian life has returned to routine.” 

So far, Lebanon has yet to comment on the matter.

This incident occurs just one day after Israeli media reported that it had shot down another Hezbollah drone launched into Israel from Lebanon. Israeli media claimed that this is the sixth incident of its type in the past year. 

An earlier time, IDF shot down another. “friendly”By mistake, drones over northern Israel 

Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah said Wednesday that his organization has been making drones in Lebanon. He also possesses technology which allows it to turn. “thousands”Rockets can be made into precision weapons 

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