Jenny Maslen’s New Book, “Daughter of Colonialism”

Adversity has surrounded Jenny Maslen all of her life. It has often been nearly intolerable. She has however consistently managed to flourish despite everything. The combined challenges of her religion and the colonial authority irretrievably marred her formative years. 

Thinking back on her life, one of the things that came to Jenny Maslen was how the complications of colonialism and religion played a role in shaping and coloring it. However, there is also the reality of how they contributed to the challenges she faced throughout her life. It’s important for people to have an understanding of the harm that may be caused by colonialism as well as religion.

Colonialism and religion are topics that left Jenny Maslen with many questions. Nevertheless, they also explain why she is the way that she is. Personally speaking, she came from a highly devout family and was raised in that environment.

Her upbringing was likewise severely lacking in affection. Throughout her entire life, her mother maintained cold and distant. Nevertheless, she was more or less oblivious to this fact. Somehow, when you’re born into that kind of atmosphere, there’s nothing you can do but learn to accept what’s going on around you.

When she thinks about it now, she sees that there was no genuine connection. In other words, none of them really cared about the other. In addition, there was no warmth coming from her father. She had a strong sense of isolation, and it was quite challenging.

In addition, when you are raised Catholic, the idea that you should never lie is something that is instilled in you from a young age. Her entire life, it was excruciatingly unpleasant to feel as though she had told the truth but that no one believed her despite her assertions.

One day, she shared her experience with a priest. At one point during the conversation, she said, “What is the price of the truth now, Father?” He was unable to provide a satisfactory response. All he could say was, “Oh, child, we’re here for reconciliation.”

After all the trauma, abuse, neglect, and heartache, Jenny finally realized that she was capable of doing everything on her own. Now she wants to inspire others by letting them know that they, too, can handle things independently. In other words, no one has to stay in an abusive relationship.

People are capable. Jenny believes that if they can see what she went through they may be able to get through their challenges a little better. Everyone has their own unique experience to share. Her background includes experiences with colonialism, Catholicism, oppressive control, and a never-ending battle to be accepted as truthful.

However, in addition to that, it is the story of liberty and autonomy. Furthermore, it is about how much happier life can be when we put our faith in our own capabilities. She has come to realize that the most important thing is to make life about being happy within yourself. Do things that make you laugh. Have fun! Smile! 

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