YouTuber roasts CNN for stealing his video — Analysis

Allen Pan’s complaint went viral after the network used a “snake legs” clip without asking 

The 74 second clip, which attracted less than 9,000 Twitter likes from CNN, quickly became a problem after the YouTube creator called them out for not asking permission. Allen Pan’s tweet quickly went viral, getting over 450,000 likes, even though he has a tiny fraction of the corporate network’s followers.

“Watch a snake walk using robotic legs”CNN tweetedTuesday afternoon for its 59.4million users on the platform. 

“Watch a billion dollar news company use my footage without licensing it,” Pan shot backThat was the evening. Even though he has around 37,000 followers on Twitter, he soon got far more engagement – and approval – than CNN. It caught the eye of The Daily Caller who posted about it on Wednesday morning.

Pan stated that Warner Bros. He explained that Discovery did not reach out to Pan for permission. notingHe will usually request a fee for licensing of approximately $500. “which is a fair rate and a drop in the bucket for CNN.”

Pan responded to a suggestion that CNN might have used fair use. “an insubstantial amount of the work used without impact on the value” – which was not the case here.

That’s even more so because the footage CNN posted was only a small segment of the video, presented out of context. This is the part that featured a snake. “walks”Pan’s YouTube video, Sufficiently Advanced (August 13), ended with robotic legs. 

Titled “giving snakes they’re (sic) legs back,” the video has attracted almost 2.8 million views, and deals with Pan’s efforts to show he does not hate snakes – after a June video in which he tried sneaking some out of Florida through airport security. A still from that video is the banner on Pan’s Twitter page, dubbed AnyTechnology.

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