Does Your Business Have A Standard For Network Connectivity?

Why is cloud connectivity important? If you are a new business struggling to succeed, or a well-established business looking to get more customers through your virtual door, then cloud connectivity is a must-do. 

In simple terms, cloud network connectivity is the connection between a network and the ‘cloud.’ Since the network is a privately-run WiFi network, and the cloud is a public shared space, direct connectivity helps bridge the gap between the two of these technologies. 

Benefits Of Direct Cloud Connectivity

As a business, why should you use a higher standard for your network connectivity? Does it really make a difference?

In short, yes. Not only do over 70% of businesses nowadays use a hybrid information technology solution to help transition fully to the cloud, but companies now realize that using a mix of cloud servers can help provide a cross-connection between private infrastructure and public clouds.

Let’s go over why direct cloud connectivity is essential for businesses of all ages, sizes, and sectors.


Connecting to cloud providers through secure point-to-point connections allows companies to strengthen their security in more ways than one. Although hybrid measures can create a larger surface area, which can create more spaces for cyber attacks, the integrated solutions help prevent breaches.

Higher performance

In addition, using direct cloud connections is faster and quicker than using direct connections. Latency is one of the main drawbacks of choosing network solutions for businesses — avoid disrupted networks and lag times with cloud connectivity.

Low-cost alternative

What business doesn’t want a lower-cost alternative to a high-end solution? When using direct cloud connections, it costs far less in terms of networking costs, egress rates, and WAN connections. 


All businesses are looking for a reliable and tried-and-tested solution that can help unclog congested servers and improve connection time. When it comes to cloud connectivity, businesses can bypass the public internet to avoid slow-downs and security issues.


Every company must be scalable — all aspects of a business must work with their specific resources and client needs. In terms of internet and network connections, businesses need to be able to think on their feet to accommodate huge jumps in web traffic in short spaces of time. Direct cloud connectivity makes it possible to connect to private networks instantly. 

Higher return on investment

Lastly, direct cloud connectivity provides a higher return on investment than a business would find with other alternatives. Since privatized connections lead to a lower overall cost, flexible service options, and increased security, companies can get more bang for their buck. 

Who Will Benefit From Cloud Connectivity?

Are You not sure if your business will benefit from direct cloud connectivity? Luckily for you, almost all businesses in various sectors will reap the benefits of this scalable networking solution. Let’s see a few examples of who should use direct cloud connectivity:

  • Banking or financial institutions — Financial institutions typically use cloud connectivity for their regulations to keep transactions and confidential information securely held.
  • Call center — Businesses with high-volume traffic need to use cloud connectivity to avoid slow-downs during busy times. 
  • Heavy workflows — Lastly, organizations and large-scale companies that utilize dynamic workflows in the overarching cloud will need to use direct cloud connectivity to access Google Cloud files securely. 

Final Word

As you can see, using direct cloud connectivity in various sectors can help businesses increase their scalability, networking speed, client satisfaction levels, and security. By utilizing private networks and public cloud spaces, businesses can benefit from this hybrid informational technology that combines the best of both worlds. Using this combination method helps companies with heavy workflows and high volumes of customers quickly solve their problems. 

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