Does the ‘centrist’ Forward party really offer Americans anything new? — Analysis

The Forward Party claims to be America’s new centrist movement, but all it offers are talking points of the left

Co-chaired by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Republican-in-name-only (RINO) former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman, the Forward Party professes to be the new party for moderate voters. “Not Left. Not Left. Forward,” their motto promises. But if we’re expected to believe this will be the party that unifies America, it’s worth looking into who is behind it, what their political motivations are, and what “forward”It really does mean. Forward into…what, exactly?

Andrew Yang focused all of his 2020 campaign on universal income. His other far-left talking points were about restricting access to firearms, a Green New Deal-esque climate agenda, and “Making taxes enjoyable.” He’s as far to the left as they come, which apparently failed him in 2020. In 2021 he suddenly decided the Democratic Party wasn’t for him, and now – despite seemingly holding the same views – he’s a revived moderate, forming a new party. Sorry Yang, but if you look like a leftist, talk like a leftist, and ran as a Democrat with a left-wing policy in the last election, it’s kind of hard to make the jump that you formed an entirely new centrist view and party in one year.

Christine Todd Whitman, Yang’s co-chair, and former Governor of New Jersey is a known RINO with such a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that she endorsed Joe Biden in 2020. Ousted by her own party, it makes sense that she’d be giddy for a third option, rather than suffer the fate of Liz Cheney.

America’s new third party emerges

I feel a joke coming on. Something like, a Democrat and a RINO walk into a bar…

Let’s get back to the real issues. What issues does Forward Party want to tackle? What’s their platform other than NOT being left or right, and hating Trump? Well, it’s hard to say. You can find a list of three vague but still feel-good points on their website.

  • The Free People Project: Create a culture of freedom that embraces diversity and individual choice and rejects hate so everyone can realize their potential.
  • Striving Communities: Create a faire, open, prosperous economy that allows everyone to live well and feels safe where they learn, work and live.
  • Vibrant Democracy. Reform the republic so that Americans have more options in election, greater confidence in government, and more control over our future.

It’s quite an interesting platform. While it may sound warm and fuzzy, nothing is actually being said. We must assume that the Forward Party leaders will continue to hold their views, even without endorsements. Andrew Yang might have made some changes in the last 12 months and is now more open to socialism and taking your guns. I hope anyone considering him for any office he may run for in the future will ask him about these issues and not take “Communities that thrive” as an intelligent answer. Whitman spends most of her time attacking Republicans on Twitter and complaining about Donald J. Trump. What is the alternative? “Forward”Are Americans eligible for party offers?

Americans surely aren’t interested in joining allegiance with a new “team”Of course. We’ve been through this before, and it turns out allegiances to political parties do not serve our interests. Many Democrats feel betrayed by Joe Biden and many Republicans feel betrayed by the likes of Whitman, Cheney, McConnell, Romney, Collins, Graham, and the list goes on – thus, the acronym RINO. Why would we join up with yet another party, especially one whose founders express the exact same views that happen to be the talking points of one existing major party – the one in control right now?

75% of Democrats want Biden out in 2024 – poll

If Whitman and Yang cared about America they’d be working to fix their own parties instead of using subversion tactics to gain votes from both sides, which will only come from people who are dissatisfied but don’t want to take the time to research. But they know this, and they know Americans don’t need another political party. It is essential that the people we elect hold them accountable and are transparent about their intentions. This is sadly not happening. 

The outcome of elections is supposed to be a result of the character and views of those who are elected, their loyalty to their constituents, and in turn, their constituents’ loyalty to them. It’s not all about the parties. It is possible to form any number of new parties around the globe, but it doesn’t matter what the final result looks like.

One thing is right about the Forward Party. American voters need a shift. And that change won’t come from a political party, but from serious introspection and a renewed, collective sense of responsibility as citizens to take the time to research the issues, and actually look into who we are voting for. Even if you hate politics, every American citizen has a right and a duty to vote with sound knowledge, and that knowledge isn’t gleaned from feel-good language and empty promises.

It is easy to vote intelligently again next time.

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