Does America need a religious revival to offset its godless liberalism? — Analysis

The US is losing faith as the ultraliberal virtue signalling has replaced true virtue

Americans believe that virtue-signaling or political correctness have anything to do morality. They’ve abandoned traditional religion and joined the Church of Liberalism.

If anyone didn’t see the rainbow-colored memo that is now on every surface from flagpoles and crosswalks to social media accounts and Facebook, America has entered Week 2 of Pride Month. And God help any heathen who doesn’t bow to the LGBTQ+ juggernaut. Those ‘haters’ will be dragged screaming into the light of day and forced to explain their impudence before the torch-carrying mob that has no reputation for forgiveness. Just ask those professional baseball players from the Tampa Bay Rays who politely declined to wear the LGBTQ+ logo on their uniforms during ‘Pride Night’ festivities.

The Tampa Bay Times decided to publish the following: Team members Jason Adam, Jalen Beteks, Brooks Raley Jeffrey Springs and Ryan Thompson. “among the players who did not wear the patch on their uniforms and chose to wear the team’s standard caps for the June 4 home game.”Dissident athletes who get paid well to play soccer, and not advocate for any social trends, had to give explanations to reporters. In the carefully-worded apology that followed, the renegades said it had been a “faith-based decision.” But since hell has no fury like a virtue signaler shunned, it will be interesting to see how this story develops.

For anyone inclined to believe the summer madness ends there you haven’t been paying attention. Just about every corporation – from NASCAR, the racing organization that should be solely focused on fast cars and fan safety, to FIFA, the Switzerland-based football body – are running hog-wild with the social justice mob, all with the intention of creating “a more inclusive environment.” Yet when was the last time someone was denied entry at a sporting event due to their sexual proclivities? I’m going to crawl out on the proverbial limb and say ‘never.’

Be ready, my dear reader. The ride is just beginning.

If you had to guess which all-American institution would never ever genuflect at the altar of sexual ‘diversity’, which would it be? If you answered ‘the US Marine Corp’, you may want to have a seat, especially if you’re a patriotic veteran of some foreign entanglement. The commanders of those tough, beach-storming jarheads have shown their true colors, ladies and gentlemen, and I regret to inform it’s very far from khaki.

“The USMC conducts its June operations throughout #Pride in recognizing and honoring the contributions of our LGBTQ service members,” the Corps’ official account tweeted alongside a helmet adorned with rainbow-colored bullets, you know, those little projectiles that KILL people. “We remain committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination, and defend the values of treating all equally, with dignity and respect. #PrideMonth #USMC.”

However, even this could not match what was happening in Dallas Texas, the home of the tragically homeless cowboy. In celebration of the drag queen community that takes up quarters somewhere in the LGBTQ+ love shack, the Mr. Misster gay club hosted an event entitled, “Drag the Kids to Pride.” And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what some parents did? Ian Miles Cheong, my coworker in the gay club hosted an event called “Drag the Kids to Pride” which celebrated drag queens. “deviance, not Pride.”

Involving kids in drag-queen shows is deviance, not Pride

It probably goes without saying that experiencing ‘culture shock’ is never more unsettling than when it involves your own country. As an American, I have lost the memory of where my roots are. Within a matter of years, America has changed from an upright nation founded on Christian principles and anchored in God’s love to modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah. Why did it all go wrong?

When I look back at my 1970s American middle class upbringing, it seems like life was pretty ordinary, even idyllic considering the current state. Although my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – like much of the so-called ‘Rust Belt’ – was then entering a phase of irreversible industrial decline, people clung to their Judeo-Christian principles and persevered. The moral fabric which held it together remained unaltered.

My neighborhood was predominantly Catholic and I was there as a child. As was the case with many people in the country at that time, going to church once per week was a common practice. However, I was able to see the true extent of religious observation through the weekend basketball games that were organized by the churches. Our church’s basketball team was made up elementary school students who boarded buses and competed against Catholic schools in the area. The events attracted many local believers, who were all from the various religious parishes in the area. Today, basketball games like those hosted by the Catholic schools are an ephemeral memory. Many Catholic schools across America, including mine, were closed many years ago because of declining attendance. Other religious faiths faced the same fate.

Gallup’s 2019 survey shows that the US had 70% or more church members between 1937 and 1976. However, this number dropped to an average 68% from the 1970s until the 1990s. However, the past twenty years have witnessed a dramatic drop in religious affiliation, with only 50% of Americans claiming to belong to a synagogue, church or mosque.

Robert Bridge: As LGBTQ+ Pride Month kicks off, is it time to give straight folks their parade too?

The reason America is in the state it is today, with a Godless Ultra-liberal mentality, is something I can’t say. But the fact that there has been no religious faith appears to be the determining factor. Combine that spiritual void with rampant materialism and the violent, amoral messages emanating from Hollywood, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Americans started to mix political-based virtue-signaling with moral correctness, perhaps to replace their spiritual foundation.

The virtue signaler, who is someone who sits at the front of church on Sundays so that everyone can see their holy nature, helps to understand this difference. Although I can’t prove it, I’m guessing God finds those people the most annoying. The true moral person is, however, the one who behaves like the Good Samaritan. This means that he acts from the heart and doesn’t expect any earthly glory.

The religious institution of the Church, regardless of denomination, provided an important moral foundation that supported society throughout history. This foundation is rapidly falling away, evident from every corner in cities today, and the social weeds that are threatening it have taken over. If they are not managed, the invasive plants that threaten Western civilization will become huge trees. America, it’s high time for a religious revival to confront the excesses of liberalism, our great country depends upon it.

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