Ditch neckties to save energy – Spanish PM — Analysis

Pedro Sanchez’s call comes after his government set air conditioners to 27 degrees Celsius

Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Prime Minister and President of Spain, announced on Friday that he was no longer wearing a necktie to help save energy.

Sanchez showed up at a press conference dedicated to the government’s energy saving plans wearing a white shirt, unbuttoned at the top, and a blue jacket.

His less formal look was something he made it a point to mention, saying “My tie is not on me. This means we all can save energy. I asked ministers to follow my lead and have requested all other public officials.

He urged private companies to allow their staff to work without ties, “As long as possible” adding that this way the whole nation “will save.”Sanchez says energy conservation is a national priority as it decreases Russia’s dependency. “bend the inflation curve.”

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Sanchez did not elaborate about how exactly forgoing a tie helps save energy, but his move came a few days after the Ministry of Environmental Transition issued a recommendation to set air conditioners to 27 degrees Celsius – significantly higher than people normally set them, especially during Spanish heatwaves, when air temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

You can reduce your power consumption by using it in combination with a fan.” the ministry said.

Sanchez’s government is expected to approve its energy-saving program on August 1.  

By doing so it will join other European governments that are implementing similar measures amid a burgeoning energy crisis exacerbated by a decrease in Russia’s natural gas supplies.

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