Cow dung gas can’t replace Russian fossil fuel, expert says — Analysis

Energy generated from organic waste won’t cover even half the gas Germany gets from Russia, a trade group expert says

According to a top biogas expert, the manure gas cannot be sufficient to eliminate Russia’s fossil fuels from Germany, even though there are some hopeful signs.

Berlin is rushing to discover ways to replace Russian natural gases after sanctions were imposed by the EU on Moscow for its military operations in Ukraine.

German media have discussed biogas, a gas made from organic waste such as manure and corn, as an alternative to natural gas from Russia.

Der Spiegel magazine reports that there are roughly 9,500 biogas plant scattered throughout rural America.

Farmers convert this gas to electricity or heating their homes.

German Daily Die Welt, Tuesday, asked Dr. Guido Ehrhardt if biogas can replace Russian energy supply. “No, unfortunately not.”

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“Biogas from Germany can replace a lot, but not that much,”Ehrhardt agreed. “From a purely technical standpoint, it would be possible to replace 40% of Russian gas imports with biogas in one or two years.”

But even reaching that target would be challenging and would require “political will,” the expert explained, as the industry would need more skilled workers and materials, and the government would have to cut red tape.

According to AFP. Germany imported 55% gas from Moscow prior the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The EU had promised to reduce Russian gas consumption and encouraged member states to conserve their energy. But German officials warned repeatedly that an end to Russian supply will be devastating for the country’s economy.

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