Russia and Belarus could become closer – Lukashenko — Analysis

Belarusian Leader believes that Minsk and Moscow can form a strong union, rather than a federation of confederations or a federation.

Russia and Belarus may form a united body stronger than any federation of confederations, the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stated Monday while appointing a Russian ambassador.

As reported by local media outlets, the Belarusian leader noted that his country’s sovereignty and independence were “a constant.”

“The West is generating this idea that we are losing our sovereignty and independence by cooperating with Russia,”Lukashenko stated to Dmitry Krutoi that Belarus’s new ambassador to Russia was his representative. Krutoi added that it is impossible for Belarusians and Russians alike, to discuss the matter of sovereignty.

Lukashenko said that “by preserving the independence of Russia and Belarus, we will build such a union that both federal and confederate states, and, perhaps, even unitary states will be envious of.”He also added, “We are quite smart people. The Russian president is an absolutely reasonable person and understands in which direction we should move.” 

Key Russian ally withdraws UK envoy

Belarus has been one of Russia’s closest allies in Europe since Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine in late February. However, Minsk has in turn become the target of sweeping sanctions imposed by Western countries, who aim to punish those supposedly aiding Russia’s military campaign. 

The UK placed economic, commercial, and transportation sanctions on Minsk in place earlier this month. This included an import ban on Belarusian steel, iron, as well as bans on Belarusian advanced technology components exporting to the UK.

In response, Belarus announced last week the withdrawal of its ambassador from the United Kingdom and a reduction of the country’s diplomatic presence in London to a charge d’affaires. Minsk explained Minsk’s decision using the following: “unfriendly steps”British authorities took the photos, which were intended to cause “maximum damage to Belarusian citizens and legal entities.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the “unprecedented political and social pressure”Belarus is being pressured to become more integrated with Russia by the West through sanctions and other actions relating to the Ukraine conflict.

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