Cops suspended over brutal beating video — Analysis

The officers repeatedly punched a suspect, and then slammed his head on the concrete.

Arkansas State Police has launched an official investigation into the incident and have temporarily suspended one officer and two deputy police officers. The viral video shows them roughing-up a suspect in an Arkansas State Police raid on Sunday. Authorities claimed that the suspect attacked the police officers first and inflicted one injury amid social media fury.

The incident took place around 10:30am Sunday outside a Kountry Xpress convenience store in Mulberry, Crawford County, and was partially captured on video by a witness who then shared it online.

The disturbing recording begins with the suspect already lying on the ground while three law officers on top of him repeatedly punch and knee the man, as well as slam his head to the ground. The video ends after one of the cops notices the eyewitness recording the scuffle, and seemingly orders the camera turned off.

The incident was made viral by police who released the identity and stated that the victim was later taken to the hospital. “minor head injuries,”According to the local media.

The officers said they were responding to an emergency call by a clerk in a retail store who reported the suspect. “spat in their face”It was making “terroristic threats.”Although he was cooperative initially when confronted by police officers, he then became violent and injures one officer. He faces charges for battery, assault, resisting arrest and other offenses.

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“In reference to the video circulating social media involving two Crawford County Deputies, we have requested that Arkansas State Police conduct the investigation and the Deputies have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation,”On Sunday, Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante made a statement.

“The officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,”Mulberry Police Department confirmed this in an additional press release. “The City of Mulberry and the Mulberry Police Department takes these investigations very seriously and holds all their officers accountable for their actions.”

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