Container ship fire that sent toxic gas billowing into the air in British Columbia ‘stabilized’ – Canadian Coast Guard — RT World News

A blaze that erupted on the Malta-flagged MV Zim Kingston ship on Saturday morning has been “stabilized,” the Canadian Coast Guard announced. The explosion of containers containing hazardous materials set fire to them, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.

The Coast Guard posted the video of water being spray onto the vessel which was anchored in Strait of Juan de Fuca. It is near Victoria, British Columbia.

After the fire has been put out, authorities will attempt to board the vessel on Monday. Weather conditions permitting, they’ll also try to secure any hazardous material.

Officials asked all ships not to approach the vessel after the flames started late Saturday night. They also imposed an emergency zone due to concerns over the fire. “expelling toxic gas.”

“Smoke coming from the vessel is being tracked from air-quality monitoring stations around the Greater Victoria area, and local health authorities are being provided with those results,”According to the coast guard, nearby residents weren’t in danger and no threats were made to ports. also available
Cargo ship fires up off the Canadian coast, after HAZMAT containers are set ablaze. The toxic fumes released into the atmosphere ignite and cause a ruckus.

16 crew members were evacuated to ensure safety. Five others remained onboard to protect the ship. The hazardous material may have caught on fire. “excessive listing due to extreme weather.”

Strong winds are expected to affect the region overnight. Emergency towing vessels, tugs, and coastguard personnel will be on-site to keep an eye on the situation.

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