Company hunts down ex-employee who got 286 salaries at once — Analysis

Unintentionally, a man was outrageously paid, and he promised to repay the money. He then quit, and disappeared.

Local media reported that a Cial office worker has taken home 286 times his salary from the Chilean conglomerate of cold cuts after his employer overpaid him last month. He is being investigated by the company for misappropriation.

While the unnamed dispatch assistant reportedly approached his deputy manager to reveal he’d been prodigiously overpaid on May 30, receiving 165,398,851 Chilean pesos ($180,000) for the month instead of the 500,000 ($542) he normally earned, and even said he would pay the money back the next morning, the funds did not appear in the company’s account. His superiors’ efforts to contact him went unanswered for hours, but when he finally responded, he said he had overslept and would go to the bank right away.

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Cial received a second letter from the lawyer two days after receiving their first message. It was a notice of resignation. According to reports, the funds are still unaccounted for and the worker is missing, leaving Cial to try to get their money back through the legal system.

Cial is Chile’s largest producer of cold cuts, responsible for several popular brands including San Jorge, La Preferida, and Winter. However, the company’s annual revenues reportedly do not exceed $5 million, meaning the amount he was paid represents a serious bite out of its profits. 

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