Colorado Stores Offering Trial CBD Products to People Unemployed by the COVID-19 Pandemic

CBD might be getting a new turn in the spotlight as some of its more common benefits are being touted during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

As you’ve probably read on the Corante blog, there are a lot of changes and new takes on CBD every single day but it’s getting renewed interest due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Why you might ask? CBD products are touted for their ability to help users sleep and stave off stress, and something that does that couldn’t be in higher demand right now as global economies strain under the imposed shutdowns brought about by the novel coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, last year.

Because of the economic chaos this uncertainty and literal work stoppage has wrought, millions of people around the world find themselves unemployed. In the United States, this number is now reaching record highs of some 6.6 million this week. As anyone who has transitioned between jobs can relate, being unemployed is one of the single most difficult things that any of us will face during our long careers. And it need not be based purely on anecdotal accounts, either.

There are extensive studies that show how vulnerable unemployed workers are because of their employment status. As one study noted, “Unemployed participants had significantly worse perceived mental health profiles, were more likely to delay health care services due to cost, and were less likely to have access to health care than employed participants.”

Because of the unique stresses posed by this condition – namely, mild depression due to a lack of an income and few funds with which to help engage in self-care – economical and affordable options like full spectrum CBD become more attractive. At least that’s the thinking behind a program in Colorado to help give people who have lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic a sample of CBD products for free. As store owner Chris Bedrosian says, “I can’t just sit here and do nothing, but unfortunately, that’s all I can do…I’m not saying CBD will save them, but introducing CBD to your system is like switching the breakers on in the house, and everything starts to work better. If you can give anyone the tools to help their bodies, that’s worth it.”

And it isn’t like the current business climate is that friendly to CBD stores in Colorado or elsewhere. With much of the country on lockdown to contain the spread of the virus, retail establishments are among those being the hardest hit by the pandemic’s economic effects. But it isn’t just the unemployed that stores in Colorado are trying to help out: It’s the frontline healthcare workers as well. “If someone asks me for it, and they need it and work in some version of health care, I’ll send them a bottle. If you’re out there on the front lines, I will send you a bottle…When I can afford to buy more ingredients, I’ll offer some more,” Bedrosian explains.


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