Ken Kurson: A Leader in the Media Industry

Ken Kurson has had the unique opportunity to get exposure to both the media and political industries over the course of his extensive career, spanning decades. In the media world, Kurson served as the editor in chief of Observer. This involved overseeing the editorial teams at both The New York Observer and Commercial Observer. During this experience, Kurson oversaw a substantial growth in the paper’s readership and increased levels of engagement on the part of the publication’s audience.


Ken Kurson also led the outlet’s transformation from a print outlet to a digital media property that has succeeded beyond many industry insider’s expectations. Identifying the future direction the media industry was heading toward. Indeed many media outlets have since followed suit in this trend that certainly seems to be in vogue in the industry. Of course, much of this has been out of necessity due to the economic realities plaguing the journalism and media industries.


As an increasing amount of readers have flocked to the web to consume content and news information, the print newspaper has become further and further obscure. Indeed media properties have prudently shifted their resources to the web and increased their staff’s management of the digital formats of their media properties. They’ve of course done so for good reason, given the increasing amount of traffic that news websites and digital properties have continued to receive. The trajectory has only increased over time, which is illustrated by the ways in which people have not only continued turning to digital media to consume their news, but also using social media platforms as a means of promoting news.


Indeed, this has led to many changes in the traditional economic model that has defined the industry for decades. It’s also added significant streams of revenue. Kurson was able to identify this in an almost prophetic manner; and the publication he led for years has surely benefitted immensely from his vision. But that wasn’t his only legacy left at the paper. During Ken’s time at the Observer, he fostered a culture and environment where young journalists were able to grow and felt motivated and encouraged to pursue stories many of them otherwise wouldn’t have.


Indeed the hallmark of an effective editor is one that not only ensures quality journalism is being produced in a consistent fashion for his or her readers; but also maintains healthy relationships with his or her reporters and helps mentor them in a way that allows them to grow as journalists. It is therefore no wonder that many of the reporters who worked under Kurson’s leadership, today have gone on to becoming household names in the journalism industry. Of course, their work speaks for itself; but as with any other profession, in any other industry, the invaluable mentorship and guidance they received went a long way toward developing them into the veteran reporters they became over time.


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