Climate scientists call for civil disobedience

Nature Climate Change magazine published an article urging climateologists to participate in civil disobedience and save our planet.

Scientists argue that climate scientists around the globe should get out of their labs, and engage in civil disobedience acts to draw attention to the coming climate disaster.  

This group includes five climate scientists as well one political scientist who specializes in civil disobedience research. “inaction from governments, industry and civil society”We warn you about the possibility of a disaster. “time is short to secure a livable and sustainable future.” 

These “with expertise”Are you one of them? “willing to convey their concerns in a more uncompromising manner”They can also resort to civil disobedience. The group states this, applauding such strategies for their effectiveness. “potential to cut through the myriad complexities and confusion surrounding the climate crisis”The history of the company and its products “effectiveness as a communicative act.”Co-authors also mentioned Greta Thunberg (a teenage climate activist) who called for her followers once to “Act Now!” “act as you would in a crisis.” 

Five British scientists and one Swiss scientist both admitted they knew. “have participated in, and offered support to, groups carrying out civil disobedience to press for climate action.” 

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Police officers detain co-founder of the Extinction Rebellion group, Gail Bradbrook, after she was removed from atop the doorway into the Department of Transport, during an Extinction Rebellion protest in London, Britain, (FILE PHOTO) © REUTERS/Henry Nicholls
British police arrest Extinction Rebellion founder for conspiring to cause fraud and criminal damage after bank attack

They ignored any criticisms that their colleagues or they would abandon impartiality to take part in protests like these. “Traditional modes of research and communication”These do not satisfy the demands of contemporary times, they asserted, adding that “the widespread notion that sober presentation of evidence”By a scientist to the people in power would be best for humanity “is itself not a neutral perspective”But supposedly, it is. “naive”Position consolidating the status quo 

“In the meantime, we have long since arrived at the point at which civil disobedience by scientists has become justified,”The co-authors supported this argument. The UK and Western countries have seen civil disobedience for climate protection since a long time. Extinction Rebellion, (XR), is one of the most prominent groups that uses such tactics. 

XR says it is a peaceful organization but has been repeatedly accused of vandalism, clashes with police and other crimes. Gail Bradbrook was one of the founders of XR. She was accused of fraud and she was detained in the UK. “debt disobedience.”



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