Chinese military aircraft detected in Taiwan airspace — Analysis

Thirteen Chinese military aircraft were detected in Taiwan’s airspace on Friday, prompting the island’s authorities to deploy its air control planes and air defense systems.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the island’s combat air patrol were deployed, “rAlerts and deployment of air defense missile systems to track the activity” of thirteen Chinese aircraft spotted in the southwestern part of the air defense identification zone (ADIZ). 

Beijing’s planes have made frequent flybys over the island, with at least 56 detected on October 4. 

China ‘likely’ preparing Taiwan invasion – Pentagon

These developments come amid increasing tensions between Washington and Beijing. China sees Taiwan as an integral part of its territory, while the US keeps flirting with the island’s independence movement. Washington has signed billion-dollar weapon contracts with Taiwan, regularly sending delegations to the island, and its warships frequently make an appearance in Taiwan Strait. This angers Beijing.

China’s Global Times newspaper recently claimed that “The US will continue to view Taiwan Island as a pawn in its efforts to control the Chinese mainland if it continues to treat Taiwan.,” then the situation will worsen and “The only and inevitable option for China’s mainland is to resolve the Taiwan issue by force.”



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