Student gathering descends into deadly stampede (VIDEO)

Following a disrupted election at a university in Bolivia, a gas grenade caused four deaths.

According to police, four students died after chemical agents were dispersed in a packed Bolivian university gym. Reports claim that up to 80 people were hurt.

Pedro Lopez, the Rector of the Tomas Frias Autonomous University said that students had assembled in a sports hall to elect their representatives to the Local University Federation.

After someone accidentally threw gas grenades into the crowd, chaos ensued. It was possibly tear gas, according to some reports.

Social media photos and videos show students fleeing from the scene and helping others who are still on the ground.

According to police, the suspect is also a student of the university. Police did not reveal his identity nor comment on motives.

President Luis Alberto Arce Catacora condoled with the victims.



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