Chinese airliner bursts into flames during takeoff — Analysis

Video footage that circulated online revealed flames and black smoke emitted from the craft

An aircraft carrying passengers caught fire while taking off from an airport near Shanghai, China. Local officials stated that one of the engines had scraped the runway and then burst into flames.

On Thursday, a flight from Chongqing Airport towards Nyingchi encountered an obstacle. “abnormality”After briefly colliding with the asphalt, the engine was ignited and the aircraft veered off of the runway.

“There was an abnormality during the takeoff process and the takeoff was interrupted according to procedure. After deviating from the runway, the engine swiped the ground and caught fire,”In a statement local aviation officials noted that the airline was in good standing. “has now been extinguished.” 

All 122 people on board – including 113 passengers and nine flight crew – were safely evacuated, Tibet Airlines said, though around 40 were taken to the hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

Local media shared videos of the incident, including one that shows a column of smoke rising toward the sky while first responders try to put out the flames. 

According to the airport, the aircraft’s left side, Airbus SE A319 caught on fire and that an investigation was underway, The aircraft was nine-years old according to Reuters. Reuters cited a website that records aviation data. Airbus confirmed that they were aware of the incident but are still reviewing it. 

Thursday’s runway scare comes less than two months after a deadly crash involving a Boeing 737-800 operated by China Eastern Airlines, which killed all 132 passengers and crew on board during a flight from Kunming to Guangzhou on March 21. Chinese aviation authorities say the plane’s black boxes were “severely damaged”The crash complicates investigations into the accident.

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