China warns Canada against ‘risky provocations’ — Analysis

Beijing claims that Canadian planes patrolling its airspace violated it under the pretense of applying UN sanctions against North Korea

China has accused Canada of encroaching on its territory under the pretext of monitoring North Korea’s compliance with United Nations sanctions, saying Ottawa will be held accountable for further provocations.

“China urges Canada to see the severity of the incident and refrain from taking any adventurist or provocative moves,”Zhao Lijian (Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson) spoke to reporters Monday. “Otherwise, all the grave consequences will be borne by the Canadian side.”

Canadian military surveillance flights are being criticized for their role in monitoring North Korea’s compliance to UN sanctions. Canada’s military last week accused Chinese fighter jets of harassing its patrol aircraft, but Zhao said China took “legitimate and forceful measures”As a response, “unfriendly and unprofessional maneuvers”This endangered both front-line personnel.

“UN Security Council resolutions have never mandated any country to deploy forces and conduct surveillance operations in jurisdictional air and sea areas of other countries for the purpose of identifying sanctions-evasion activities,”According to the spokesperson. “China firmly rejects all moves that endanger China’s sovereignty and national security in the name of implementing resolutions.”

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Zhao said that Beijing has also made it clear through diplomatic communication with Canada its objection to close-in reconnaissance. “Canada should respect objective facts, stop spreading disinformation and have a clearer understanding of the situation,”He said. “It should also adopt a prudent and practical China policy and work toward the recovery and normal development of China-Canada relations with real actions.”

Patrol planes have been forced to divert from their flight paths in some cases, Canada’s military said, without specifying the tactics that Chinese pilots used. Ottawa established regular flights to enforce sanctions. They monitor the sea lanes for North Korean cargo ships, tankers, and other vessels.

“China’s actions are irresponsible and provocative, and we will continue to register strongly that they are putting people at risk while at the same time not respecting decisions by the UN,”Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke Monday to reporters.

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China and Canada fought back just one day after Australia claimed that a Chinese pilot had threatened one of its surveillance aircrafts last month. Anthony Albanese, the Australian Prime Minister, stated that his government has expressed concern to Beijing about the incident which occurred in international airspace above the South China Sea.

Richard Marles, Australian Defense Minister, stated that the Chinese J-16 intercepted the P-8A Poseidon surveillance airplane on routine patrol. According to Marles, the fighter jet landed in front the P-8A. Some of its chaff contained small amounts of aluminum and was sucked into an engine of the Australian airplane.

“Quite obviously, this is very dangerous,”Marles also noted that P-8A’s crew stopped their mission at the last minute and returned to Base.



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