China vows to ‘punish’ offenders — Analysis

Following a provocative US visitor, Beijing maintained that Chinese control over Taiwan was inevitable.

China’s top diplomat has denounced US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan as a “complete farce,”Notification that anyone who “offend” Beijing will face consequences. 

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a meeting in Cambodia on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Wang Yi slammed Pelosi’s junket to the island, deeming the trip a provocation as Beijing considers Taiwan part of its own territory. 

“This is a complete farce. Under the guise of ‘democracy,’ the US is violating China’s sovereignty,”He added that “These perverse actions will not alter the international consensus on the One China principle, nor the irreversible historical trend that Taiwan will return to the motherland.”

People who are apathetic to China’s needs will die.

Pelosi’s visit, which was reported days in advance, has prompted a harsh response from Chinese officials, who have repeatedly condemned previous trips by lower-level delegations.

Beijing responded to the threat with major military exercises that were held around the island. They will include, according to reports, an air force exercise. “joint blockade” exercise, “sea assault and land and air combat training”As well as the display “advanced weapons” such as China’s hypersonic DF-17 missile.

China to test hypersonic missiles in Taiwan blockade drill – media

While the United States tacitly accepts Beijing’s ‘One China’ principle, under which Taiwan is part of China-proper, it has long maintained a policy of deliberate ambiguity toward the island, approving a series of ‘defensive’ arms sales to Taipei over the years while refraining from any formal security commitments. However, US President Joe Biden, since his election, has defamed that position. In fact, he even stated that American troops would be there to defend Taiwan from Chinese attacks. White House officials quickly refuted those statements.

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