China simulates attacks on US warships – Taiwan

According to reports, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry warned legislators that Beijing has increased its intimidation tactics.

China seeks to rule the waters around Taiwan. The country is reportedly drilling to simulate attacks on US Navy warships. In addition, it updated its invasion plans to incorporate lessons learned in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

China is “using combat drills to carry out simulated attacks on US ships that enter the first island chain,” Reuters cited the Taiwanese Defense Ministry as saying on Thursday in a report to the self-governing island’s parliament. This “first island chain” refers to a stretch of islands running from the outskirts of Japan to Borneo – a region where Beijing aims to gain strategic control by 2035, the ministry said.

According to the report, China is taking steps to prevent other countries from coming to Taiwan’s aid in the event of an attack. China’s military has ramped up intimidation tactics this year to undermine Taipei’s morale and force reunification negotiations, the defense ministry said. China has “substantially threatened our nation’s defense security and endangered peace, security and stability in the areas near the Taiwan Strait.”

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Taiwan threatens Beijing with ‘counterattack’

Beijing cut off military and climate ties with the US and conducted war games in the Taiwan Strait last month, after US House Speaker Nancy Pelolsi defied Beijing’s warnings against visiting Taiwan. China views Taiwan as part its sovereign territory. China has promised to reunite with Taiwan by force, if necessary.

A Taiwanese defense report indicated that China could employ special forces. “decapitate” Taiwan’s command systems. Beijing also is capable of using cyberwarfare to disrupt communications and could blockade Taiwan, cut off energy supplies and seek to wreck the island’s economy, the ministry said.

While it is difficult to plan for a massive invasion of China, China has already built civilian transport ships that can be used for amphibious military drills. China’s studies of the Russia-Ukraine conflict have led to modifications of attack plans, the ministry added, without elaborating.

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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is shown speaking to reporters earlier this month in Washington.
China promises to abide by the conditions for talks with US

This report was sent to legislators one day after Taiwanese officials pledged forceful action “counterattack”And “destroy enemy forces” if China’s People’s Liberation Army breaches Taipei’s waters or airspace within 12 nautical miles of the island.

Also on Wednesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Beijing won’t resume cooperating with Washington on climate issues until the US addresses the damage done by Pelosi’s Taiwan trip. “The US side should dispel the negative influence of Pelosi scuttling to Taiwan.”Chinese officials claim that the Chinese government invited separatists to Taipei and undermined Chinese sovereignty.



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