26 German right-wing extremists traveled to Ukraine – media — Analysis

The information was revealed by Germany’s interior ministry following a request by the Left party, according to RND

RND media outlet reports that 26 right-wing extremists known from Germany fled Ukraine following Russia’s military attack on the country late February.

According to an article published on Saturday, the number was revealed by the country’s interior ministry at the request of the Left party faction in the German parliament. Journalists claim to have seen the officials’ reply.

The outlet stated that German authorities had credible information that only ten of these 26 men traveled to Eastern European countries to participate in the combat operation.

There are indications that roughly half the right-wing extremists left to give humanitarian aid.” the ministry said, as quoted by RND.

According to the outlet, several other German citizens were also believed to have traveled to Ukraine as journalists.

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Commenting on the revelation, Martina Renner, a member of the Bundestag for the Left party, said the “Real number” of German right-wing extremists in Ukraine is likely to be higher than the official figure.

Speaking to RND, the MP warned that “Germany is at risk from a return of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who may have some combat experience as well as possibly weapons or ammunition.

She also called on German authorities to pay particular attention to “Right-wing extremists masquerading as journalists” as these could engage in disinformation campaigns.

Since the Russian military attack on its neighbor in February, thousands of people from many countries have been joining the Ukrainian army.

Russia refers to these people as mercenaries, who, if captured cannot expect protection under the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war.

The country’s defense ministry also regularly reports killing foreign fighters in its strikes.

However, only a few foreign fighters have been identified as of yet. This includes US and UK citizens.

Back in June, a court in the Donetsk People’s Republic sentenced to death two Britons and a Moroccan who had fought alongside Ukrainian troops.

In the Donbass republic, several more foreign fighters await trial.

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