China sends ‘solemn warning’ to US — Analysis

A military spokesperson said Wednesday that China recently held a series military drills close to Taiwan in order to show the US its resolve regarding Taiwan’s self-governing status.

The Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army held combat readiness exercises and other training operations in the sea and airspace around Taiwan, Colonel Shi Yi, a spokesman for the military command, reported.

Drills, he said, were an a. “solemn warning” directed at the US regarding the issue of Taiwan’s proposed independence. Chinese troops are “determined and capable of thwarting any interference by external forces and attempted separatism”In Taiwan, the official also.

It is the island that was last stronghold of the Chinese Civil War nationalist forces. The island has always had its own government, which does not answer directly to Beijing. Taiwan is considered to be in the Chinese sovereignty by its government.

The US has supported the island’s autonomy but adopted a ‘strategic ambiguity’ stance as part of its rapprochement with Beijing in the 1970s. Washington has always been determined to help Taiwan protect itself against a possible attack but has never explicitly committed to using its military.

China hits back at US over Taiwan

On Monday in Tokyo, President Joe Biden seemed to change his stance when he stated that the US would use force against Taiwan when confronted by journalists. As has been the case with a number of recent statements he has made on various issues, his administration walked back the president’s remarks and said the US still maintains strategic ambiguity on Taiwan.

Beijing criticised the statement and viewed it as yet another case of US meddling. Washington has been increasing its support to Taiwan in recent years through the sale of weapons advanced to its military and the signing of agreements, which China views as an act of recognition.

Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) wanted to visit Taiwan in April but was stopped by Covid-19 testing.

Regular military operations are conducted by Washington and Beijing near Taiwan.

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