Consumers get canful of allergens in packaging mix-up — Analysis

Chili cans labelled as chili have been recalled because they contain chicken soup.

Due to an error, more than 2200 pounds of Skyline Chili (a Cincinnati-style chili) are being recalled. The cans impacted – and there could be thousands of them on the market and already in people’s kitchen cupboards – were discovered to actually contain cream of chicken soup, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Wednesday.

It warned that the products had been sent to all retail outlets nationwide and urged those who purchased them not to eat it.

According to the regulator’s alert, undeclared allergens may have been present in the product misbranded. There are at least three possible allergens in the canned product, which could include soy, milk and wheat. However, none of the ingredients is listed on the label.

The problem was discovered by consumers who reported it to Indiana supplier Morgan Foods, the FSIS said, adding that so far “These products have never been linked to any adverse reactions..”

Total recall

They were mislabeled as canned cream of chicken soup and not chili. Although it’s not known how this happened, FSIS requested that those who purchased the product throw them out or return them to their shop. Anyone concerned about potential health hazards should consult a doctor.

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