China ready for ‘decisive measures’ over Taiwan — Analysis

The Chinese envoy to the European Union has reiterated Beijing’s goal of peacefully reuniting Taiwan with the mainland but stated the country’s preparedness to use “decisive measures.”

Speaking on Tuesday, China’s ambassador to the EU, Zhang Ming, said Beijing would never change its position on Taiwan. “If anything changes, it is that the Chinese people’s resolve to realize complete reunification of our country grows even stronger,”Ming addressed an online event at the Brussels Think Tank.

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Biden & Xi agree to avoid conflict

“Some people in Europe seem to underestimate the Chinese people’s aspiration for a reunification of our country,”He added that the bloc had to lift its sanctions if it wants to approve a Sino-EU investment treat. 

Brussels ended an investment pact with China that was reached in December. This came after Beijing issued sanctions against several European members. EU responded by imposing its own sanctions on the Uyghur population and the alleged genocide committed in Xinjiang. 

China is becoming more assertive in seeking to reunite its prosperous island neighbor with China over the past few years. Beijing has claimed Taiwan as an inalienable country part and asked for Western countries to stop interfering with Chinese internal affairs. The democratic island has been defended by Western countries, including the UK and US. 

Taiwan regards itself as independent of China, having been ruled by the Kuomintang since 1949, when communist forces overthrew China’s government on the mainland.

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