China names world’s ‘hacking empire’ — Analysis

Beijing expresses dismay at hackers seizing Chinese networks in order to launch cyberattacks against Russia

The US can be described as a “hacking empire”Washington was urged by the Chinese Foreign Ministry to stop threatening the rest of the world. “malicious”Cyber activities after reports of hackers from the United States subverting a Chinese network to launch attacks against Russia and Belarus.

“China is gravely concerned about cyberattacks against other countries that originate from the US and use China as a springboard,”At a Monday press conference, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry told reporters.

Zhao made comments on reports in Chinese media that hackers, mostly from the US, but also NATO allies Germany & the Netherlands had recently taken control of a Chinese computer network to carry out cyberattacks. Eighty percent of those attacks were directed at Russia.

“Against the background of the Ukraine situation, such a move may produce the negative effect of misleading the international community and spreading disinformation,”Zhao stated, noting that “a former US senior official called publicly for launching cyberattacks on Russia not long ago.”

US warns China against helping Russia

This appeared to be a reference to Hillary Clinton, former US secretary of state and presidential candidate, who made the calls in an MSNBC interviewAt the end February

While Beijing doesn’t know the exact role of the US government in the attack, or if it is linked to the “long practice of smearing China in cyberspace”Zhao called on Washington to be reelected by the US “adopt a more responsible attitude.”

The White House stated Monday, however that America has threatened China. “significant consequences”During long talks between Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor and Yang Jiechi in Rome, Russia’s envoy Yang Jiechi discussed whether Russia would benefit. 

Multiple Western news outlets stated that Moscow requested military help for Ukraine conflict. Zhao called the claims “disinformation”Coming from the USA.

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