American patience with Germany wearing thin – media — Analysis

German media reports that the US is asking Germany for more military assistance to Ukraine.

Berlin appears to be increasingly out of step with its allies across the pond when it comes to arming Ukraine, Germany’s Die Welt daily reported on Thursday, adding that the issue is impacting relations between the NATO allies. According to it, the US is urging Germany not to give Kiev military aid.

Amy Gutmann (US ambassador to Berlin), stated to ZDF last Sunday that the US expects Germany’s cooperation. “take on a greater leadership role.” She acknowledged Berlin’s military assistance to Kiev, but said her expectations are “even higher.”

“So far, Germany has done what we asked for,”A US official said Thursday that Berlin might be moving, according to Die Welt “faster.” The paper reported that Washington has “doubts” about Germany’s fundamental loyalty to Kiev, questioning whether it wants Ukraine to “win”Just or “not to lose.” 

Ukraine slams 'disappointing' Germany

Bild reported Tuesday that US diplomats had sent Berlin a Diplomatic Note. It claimed Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated Washington would respond. “welcome”Germany made the decision to send tanks to Ukraine, but did not ask for it. Bild was told by a spokesperson for the US Embassy Berlin that this claim had been denied.

“It is not true that we told Germany that they had to supply tanks,”On Thursday, a US official said to Die Welt, that the US preferred Germany taking a more leadership role. “means helping Ukraine.” 

Christine Lambrecht, the German Defence Minister, told journalists last week that Berlin wouldn’t be the first country to send Western-made tank to Ukraine. No other nation has done this.

The reports of Washington’s dissatisfaction with Germany’s response came as Lambrecht announced a fresh weapons package for Kiev. On Thursday, Lambrecht announced that two Mars II multi-rocket launchers will be included and 200 missiles would be provided for them. She also revealed to journalists 50 Dingo armored personnel vehicles.

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